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NeoPro Sports are a UK based company that design and produce innovative protective sports wear to protect athletes from a whole range of contact, non contact and ball sports.

It started by designing ways of better protecting rugby player's fingers and our flagship Finguards were born, but we very quickly found similar injuries in netball. While at the moment we focus on rugby and netball our Finguards™ have been used by MMA fighters, volleyballers, judo and khabaddi players.

Our ethos primarily sits with prevention. Preventing injury from happening is our goal, that can only be a good thing, right? But if injury has already occurred we strive to protect you so you can continue to perform to the very best of your ability.

Our desire to Prevent, Protect, Perform doesn't stop at just the athletes though, but extends to the environment too.

For example, historically, and today, rugby players tape their fingers to prevent injury using plastic electrical tape.

Our market research indicates that in the UK alone, rugby players use 714km of single use plastic tape per week.

Just take a moment for that to sink in...714,000 metres PER WEEK.

All our products are reusable, washable and will last all season so importantly reduces the need for, or usage of single use plastics.

Simultaneously protecting the athlete and the environment.

Look after yourself and the planet!


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551 Andover House, George Yard, Andover, Hampshire, SP10 1PB

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