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Prevent. Protect. Perform.

"Whist playing rugby I used to suffer numerous and regular breaks or dislocations to my fingers. Since wearing NeoPro Finguards I have not suffered a single finger injury in 5 years." Charlie. Hampshire, England

"My NeoPros - I just wont take to the field without them." Chase. New Zealand

"If it wasn't for them (Finguards) I wouldn't still be playing." Graham. Hampshire, England

“First outing with them tonight and they were brilliant.
My fingers were shot after a game last Saturday to the point that I still couldn’t grip properly today and,being totally honest, my fingers actually feel better having worn them at training” Matt. Surrey, England

“As a rugby player I have spent years battling with injuries arising to finger joints, mainly resulting in painful bruising and swelling that often took weeks to subside.

Finally this alternative to cotinually taping my fingers together in an effort to protect them. These NeoPro finger guards are now part of my kit every time I train or play. No further such injuries since I started with them. 

Thin enough to allow blood flow and full use of all digits yet designed to perfectly protect them and remain in place without tape or adjustment. 

Perfect for rugby and I would recommend them to anyone playing ball or contact sports.” G. Hampshire, England